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Enhance Your Cancellation Protection with VacationGuard

VacationGuard’s Post Departure Plan further increases the protection of Club Travelers by providing the value of travel insurance once a Club Member leaves on an insured trip. The Post Departure Plan complements Hilton Grand Vacations’ current Cancellation Protection, which returns your ClubPoints to their respective account with their normal expiration date if an unforeseen event causes you to cancel your vacation plans prior to check-in at the resort. Please note that Cancellation Protection is not available for reservations at The Hilton Club - New York.

To better explain how the Post Departure Plan might help you, we’ve spoken with VacationGuard’s National Director, Brian Rock, and have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

How is Post Departure different from Cancellation Protection?

The VacationGuard® Post Departure plan can provide travel insurance benefits once you leave for the Club trip that was specifically insured. Travel insurance can address things that are not anticipated, and could impact your vacation experience and finances.

While travelers can purchase Cancellation Protection, why might they purchase Post Departure too?

Cancellation Protection applies to your reservation “before” you leave, and Post Departure protection can protect you financially for things once you start traveling on your Club-based trip.

How much does the Post Departure Plan cost and where can I buy it?

VacationGuard’s Post Departure costs $59 per eligible trip reservation and can be purchased through this Club Member FAQ page. The FAQ page has numerous questions to quickly help Members understand the plan parameters.

Is the Post Departure plan cost per person?

No. The plan cost is $59 for the Club Members’ reservation and the insured travel dates. It can cover the planholder, as well as up to seven traveling companions.

What are some key policy benefits of Post Departure?

  • Trip Interruption – in case you must interrupt your trip for a medical emergency
  • Trip Delay – reimburses reasonable accommodations and expenses if you incur a covered delay, such as weather delays, while trying to get to your destination
  • Emergency Medical – can reimburse medical expenses from accidents, sickness, or injuries that occur on your trip
  • Rental Car damage – can protect you against damage to the covered trip rental car on a primary basis with no deductible
  • And more, like baggage loss and 24/7 assistance services

Learn More

To purchase Post Departure protection, or read additional FAQs, visit this VacationGuard® site for Hilton Grand Vacations Club Members.

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