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New Club Member Website Set to Launch

It’s almost here! The new Club Member website will be launching soon, and we are thrilled to unveil it. Club Counselors have spent time exploring the site, and they love its modern, easy-to-use design and useful new features. You can get a sneak peek at some of those features here.

Randomly selected groups of Club Members are being invited to test the new site to make sure it’s providing the best possible experience. Once that is complete and we feel confident the site is ready for everyone to use, we will begin rolling it out to the rest of the Club.

We know how excited you are about using the new website. Some Club Members have sent questions about the site, and we’d like to answer some of those here.

Will we be able to book vacations online through our smartphones?

Yes. The new website will be fully functional on mobile devices, including cellphones and tablets. There is also an app in the works, and we hope to tell you more about that soon.

Is it compatible with iPhones?

Yes, the new site doesn’t use Flash, so you’ll be able to access it and request reservations on Apple devices, including your iPhone and iPad.

Will we be able to book reservations at affiliate resorts?

You’ll be able to view information about affiliate resorts on the new website, but you’ll still need to call a Club Counselor to request those reservations. The web team knows how important this is to Club Members and is working to make more of them bookable online.

Does the website show floorplans and photos of the resorts?

The web team recognizes the importance of these photos in enhancing your booking experience; the team is working to have new photo galleries and complete floor plans for each property and will continue to add these as they are available.

What is the interactive forum?

The new website will include a place for Club Members to write reviews of resorts, share vacation tips, and interact with other Club Members.

Will the new website work on all browsers?

The new site will work on all current browsers, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The web team recommends that users update their browser to the latest version to receive the optimal experience.

Will we be able to enter a date range to see all available properties?

Yes, you can enter arrival and departure dates and guest size without specifying a location. This will run a search and will show all the properties that are available for those dates and that can accommodate the party size.