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Renovations Revealed at the Flamingo

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at the Flamingo recently underwent a transformation, and we’re excited to share the improvements with Club Travelers.

Impressive renovations were made in the lobby, as well as in the studios and one-bedroom suites. “The color and décor in the renovated lobby are a great tribute to the heritage of the property and its ties to the Flamingo,” said Jeffrey Chen, resort director at the Flamingo.

Chen’s not the only one who has noticed the new look. “Many Members have commented on how much they like the look of the new lobby, specifically mentioning the new tile and artwork throughout the first floor,” he said.

But Club Members will notice improvements beyond the lobby. In the studios and one-bedroom suites, you’ll enjoy a new experience while watching movies and sports games. “Not only did we upgrade the TVs in all of our rooms to new technology, but increased the screen size substantially as well,” Chen said, adding that the one-bedroom suites’ living rooms now include the resort’s biggest televisions, at 55 inches wide.

Other improvements include new carpet, fresh paint and tub replacements. Additionally, and just in time for this year’s spring and summer seasons, the Flamingo recently resurfaced its pool deck and added brand-new pool furniture.

To showcase some of the most impressive updates, we’re sharing photos from before and after the renovations.

Above, left, the one bedroom suites' master bedroom prior to renovation. Right, the newly renovated look of the master bedroom.

Here’s another perspective of the one-bedroom suites’ master bedroom from both before and after renovations. Above, left, the master bedroom and bath prior to renovation. Right, the newly renovated look of the master bedroom and bath.

Above, left, the Flamingo’s lobby before the resort’s recent renovations. Right, the newly renovated lobby features a new glossy marble floor, red accents and more.