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Sail Into Summer Travel

May is here, which means Memorial Day is just around the corner. The three-day weekend marks the beginning of summer vacation season in the U.S.! And, the warm weather indicates summer is near across the Northern Hemisphere. Here are a few tips for summer travel, whether you’re planning to drive or fly, or simply need some help packing.

Tips to Drive Peacefully into a 3-day Getaway

If you plan on driving off to vacation during one of this summer’s three-day weekends, you’re not alone. In 2015, AAA estimated 37.2 million people would travel at least 50 miles during the Memorial Day weekend. Avoid peak travel times to skip the most intense traffic jams.

For example, over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, avoid driving on Friday afternoon or on Monday. Instead, opt to take off Thursday evening, or stay an extra day and return home on Tuesday.

If you can’t avoid peak driving times, make sure your smartphone is armed to help you out on the road. Download apps like Waze, which gathers the best routes by collecting real-time traffic conditions from other users, or GasBuddy, which will point you toward not only the nearest fueling stations, but the cheapest, too.

Fly Like a Pro

Some of the busiest airports might be crowded during summer travel, but don’t let that get you down.

Avoid the line with MiFlight, a free application that crowdsources information about waiting times at security checkpoints at more than 150 global airports and more than 50 U.S. airports. Through the app, travelers can also connect to their Concur accounts to view terminal maps and check their travel itineraries. What’s even better than this? The app is free.

Properly Pack

This summer, no matter where you’re headed — whether it’s a three-day weekend close by or a two-week trip to Europe — you’ve got to pack. Check out these two apps that help you pack better so you can begin your adventure in a timely, prepared and fashionable manner.

Packing Pro: Named one of the top 10 travel apps of 2016, Packing Pro ($2.99) lets you create lists for yourself and fellow travelers, from kids to spouses to the family pet. The app offers more than 800 items to choose from and even features an alarm that reminds you to gather your last-minute items, such as your toothbrush and deodorant, before heading out to catch your flight. The app also lets you break down the lists by what you need to buy versus what you already own.

Stylebook: If you’re someone who tears apart your closet trying to mix and match the best wardrobe options prior to your trip, Stylebook might be for you. The app aims to help travelers pack their most stylish and destination-appropriate options, without that pre-departure closet mess. Setting up the app does require some initial time investment; users take photos of their wardrobes’ items and catalog them in the app. Once it’s set up, though, you can search your personal database, mix and match, and determine exactly what works and what doesn’t. Then, once the perfect trip attire is nailed down, it’s easy to grab the items and put them in your bag without trying on a billion combinations the night before your flight.