January 2017

Club Traveler

Got Club Questions? More Workshops Ahead

Right before the new year, 85 Club Member families attended a Club Member Education workshop in San Antonio. The workshop was born in response to feedback from Club Member, which expressed’ interest in additional coaching to help make the most of their membership.

During the four-hour event, tips on how to plan dream vacations were provided, questions were answered, and Members connected and shared experiences.

“The most important takeaway from the workshop was meeting the people we talked to about Club business,” said Club Member Sue Arnecke. “They were all great! Their responses to our questions were very helpful in understanding how the Club operates.”

Club Member Vicky Geiger said she enjoyed meeting other Owners and comparing experiences. “Our biggest benefit was talking to others and hearing their experiences about their properties, and putting those on our radar for the future,” she said. “My husband plans to retire in 2017, so we’ll be traveling more.”

Members learned how to use their Points, as well as their membership, to keep a vacation state of mind year-round. Additional information included self-service features of the new Club website.

In a survey of those who attended the workshop, 91 percent of respondents were extremely satisfied with the session and 53 percent considered themselves very or extremely knowledgeable about their Club membership. Seventy-eight percent said they were likely to recommend the workshop to a family member, friend or colleague.

With such a positive response, additional Club Member Education sessions are in the works. Keep an eye out for future sessions near you!