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Adventures Come to Life on the Water

Love the water? Why not make a splash on your next vacation? ClubPartners O.A.R.S. and Forever Resorts offer Club Members two different vacation experiences to do just that.


Float into adventure in the form of a white-water raft, a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard, or search for it by casting your rod or taking a hike as part of a wide range of adventure packages and tours from O.A.R.S. Go sea kayaking in Cuba for eight days, where you’ll explore the country’s clear waters on the south coast, go snorkeling to discover coral reefs and lagoons, and, on land, tour Havana.

Or hop onto a white-water raft for a six- or seven-day adventure through the Grand Canyon, from Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch. Soak in the bright-colored limestone at Marble Canyon and Redwall Cavern, swim in the Little Colorado and take hiking excursions in between tackling 19 major rapids. Alternatively, for a shorter but equally exciting journey, consider a day of rafting through pinewood forests and poppy fields on Merced River in California. After you’re finished on the water, keep your odyssey going by visiting nearby Yosemite National Park.

How to Book an O.A.R.S. Adventure:

  • Exchange ClubPoints or Bonus Points for O.A.R.S. travel certificates at a rate of 2,500 Points for a $250 travel certificate.
  • Club Members receive a 10 percent discount on published rates for most O.A.R.S. adventures (please note that Grand Canyon excursions are not eligible for this discount). View O.A.R.S. vacation opportunities at, then contact a Club Counselor to request O.A.R.S. travel certificates.
  • Upon certificate receipt, please contact O.A.R.S. at 800-346-6277 to confirm your reservation.

A Forever Resorts houseboat cruises on Lake Berryessa. Photo courtesy of Jon Wiley, Flickr.

Forever Resorts

Put on your captain’s hat and throw your worries to the wind with Forever Resorts. Through this ClubPartner Perk, Members can rent a deluxe houseboat, personal watercraft or powerboat from marinas in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Set sail at Pleasure Cove Resort & Marina on Lake Berryessa, one of the largest bodies of fresh water in California. With 165 miles of shoreline and water that warms up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, Lake Berryessa is an ideal spot for swimming and other activities. Situated just east of Napa Valley and between Cedar Roughs and Blue Ridge, the lake beckons families to fish, swim, go boating or simply relax.

If the desert is more your style, then Lake Mead—above Hoover Dam and just 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas—offers a serene escape with its pleasant, secluded beaches. Rent a houseboat from Callville Bay Resort & Marina and explore Lake Mead’s 550 miles of shoreline, red cliffs and natural beauty.

How to Book a Boat with Forever Resorts:

  • Exchange ClubPoints or Bonus Points for Forever Resorts travel certificates at a rate of 2,500 Points for a $250 travel certificate.
  • Explore rental options and marina locations at, then contact a Club Counselor to request a travel certificate.
  • Reservations must be made at least 30 days in advance.
  • Upon certificate receipt, please contact Forever Resorts at 800-255-5561 to confirm your reservation.

*The photo featured at the top of this article was taken on an O.A.R.S. rafting trip. Photo by Jared Kelly, Flickr.