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The Scoop: Where to Grab a Spoon and Dig In

Ice cream screams vacation, doesn’t it? On a warm day, the cold, delicious staple of summer calls for you to sample one of thousands of flavors. Whether you prefer vanilla or something more exotic, like lemon ricotta or lavender, chances are, there’s a parlor open not far from you.

Fun Fact: In 1984 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month in the United States, but did you know that this tempting treat traces its roots back to second century B.C.?

Grab a spoon and get ready to share (or not) because here are a few spots where you can satisfy your sweet tooth on your next vacation.

Bubbies Ice Cream


Enjoy this frozen treat with a regional twist. Bubbie’s is known for its mochi, which is ice cream wrapped in a pounded sweet rice confection. Try guava, green tea, mango or one of many other island and traditional flavors.

Perché no!

Florence, Italy

One of the oldest ice cream shops in Florence, Perché no!, which means “Why not!,” opened in 1939. The shop produces its ice cream fresh every day on the premises and offers travelers a wide variety of rich ice cream, gelato and sorbet flavors like lavender, pistachio and mozzarella with cherry. If you find yourself passing by Perché no! on a trip to Tuscany, you may find yourself staring through the window and asking, “Why not?”

Sweet Action Ice Cream


Sweet Action Ice Cream brings a variety of distinct tastes—all handmade with local ingredients—to patrons who visit its storefront in the eclectic Broadway neighborhood of the Mile High City. Savor the zest in lemon ricotta or the sweetness of a scoop of baklava, made with Greek baklava and Colorado honey ice cream.



This family-operated ice cream parlor and tea room offers classic gelato, sorbet, ice cream and more. Sample the strawberry sorbet or try one of the monthly or seasonal surprise creations such as roasted bread ice cream and ice cream cheesecake!

Ted Drewes

St. Louis

Since 1929, Ted Drewes has served up thousands of its iconic yellow cups filled with frozen custard to cool down multiple generations of visitors. Order a concrete in a variety of flavors, including banana split or Southern delight, served with praline pecans and butterscotch. Ted’s concretes are so thick that even on a hot summer day, you can turn your yellow cup upside down and feel safe in knowing you won’t lose your treat, or your spoon, to the sidewalk.