October 2017

Club Traveler

Holiday Travel Tech: 4 Apps to Help You Plan

October begins the countdown to the season of giving—and lots of travel, too. Club Traveler’s latest edition of On the Fly brings you saving and planning apps to help you make the most of your holiday break and budgets.

Slice. Celebrating the holidays with Hilton Grand Vacations Club? Slice is an app to help you track your packages—whether you’re sending them to your resort or your everyday home. The app automatically picks up tracking numbers from your email and alerts users if there’s been a price drop post-purchase to help you get a refund. Available on iOS and Google Play. Free.

Christmas Gift List. If you’ve got a big family or a lot of friends, or you simply like to keep track of what you bought for whom, Christmas Gift List will help keep you organized, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or saving for another occasion. This nifty app allows you to plug in each person that you’re shopping for and update each individual’s list with what you’ve bought. The app will also track how much you’ve spent so you stay on budget, and it archives your list for future reference. Available on iOS and Google Play. Free.

Digit. This savings app will study your spending behaviors and then help you start saving small amounts of money when it’s safe and put it toward a goal. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, plane tickets for the holidays or a really nice gift for your significant other, Digit can help you safely save. Differentiate your goals with an emoji, and text your goal’s emoji to Digit to check the balance. Available on iOS and Google Play. Free for the first 100 days.

Hilton Grand Vacations mobile app. This app helps Members plan and book their stays, connect with other Members, make concierge requests and even reserve an Uber straight to the resort. Available on iOS and Google Play. Free

Merry travels!