December 2017

Club Traveler

Give the Gift of Travel and Explore Exotic Destinations

Imagining an exotic vacation in 2018? Consider ClubPartner Perk Tauck, which offers guided journeys to more than 100 destinations around the world.

On a Tauck tour, expert guides will introduce you to the complexity of a destination firsthand by revealing its culture, history and cuisine, providing insights to local customs and traditions along the way. Here are just three examples of where you could travel with Tauck in the year to come.

Spotlight on India

Adventure to northern India, and you’ll not only get to take in the Taj Mahal with your own eyes, but you’ll also see thousands of years of history on a 12-day tour to Delhi, Varanasi, Jaipur, Udaipur and more. Taste incredible cuisine at each stop, and discover the culture, art and history of northern India, from touring the Red Fort in Delhi to watching holy men “put the river to sleep” while sailing on the Ganges in Varanasi.

Magic of Morocco

On a 10-day tour to the northwest coast of Africa, you’ll explore—and maybe even become enchanted—by Morocco. Discover the souks in the Old Town of walled Marrakech and gaze upon one of the largest mosques in the world at Hassan II Mosque, in Casablanca. In Fes, enjoy a full culinary tour of Moroccan cuisine, and sip the area’s renowned mint tea in Meknes. One evening, you’ll also get to venture out to the desert for a camel ride and tea ceremony that includes traditional entertainment and music beneath a tent.

Cruising Cuba: A Cultural Gem Westbound

During an 11-day, 10-night adventure, Cuba’s cultural gems will be unearthed from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. While in the capital, see and learn the history of Revolution Square, explore Habana Vieja and discover Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba by visiting his former winter home and the fishing village that inspired The Old Man and the Sea. Sail to Punta Fancés, a nature reserve on the Isla de la Juventud, and tour local artists’ studios in the town of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the way, interact with locals, community leaders, baseball players, dine at privately run establishments and experience live Cuban music.

Use Points to Purchase or Gift a Travel Certificate with Tauck

Whether you’re planning your own adventure or want to gift an amazing journey to a loved one, Members have the opportunity to use their Points for travel certificates with Tauck.

More Information

Current year, Saved or borrowed ClubPoints and Bonus Points may be exchanged for Tauck travel certificates. The Point value per $250 travel certificate is 2,125, and the Point value for each $500 travel certificate is 4,250. To request a travel certificate for Tauck, please contact a Club Counselor. Upon receipt, please contact Tauck at 800-468-2825, ext. 6730, to confirm your reservation. Visit to explore the variety of guided journey options.

*The photo featured at the top of this article is of the Taj Mahal. Photo by powerofforever / Getty Images.