December 2017

Club Traveler

Last Chance to Save Your Points

Do you have Points left, but you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to use them before year’s end? Don’t wait until the end of December when call volumes are at their highest. Avoid lengthy hold times and take action by logging in to the Club website and saving your Points online now.

Learn about saving your Points, using the Club website and more through these FAQ videos.

You will be able to use your Saved 2017 Points in 2018 when making Home Resort, Club and RCI exchange reservations, as well as bookings for cruises and other ClubPartner Perk experiences. Don’t let a vacation become a missed opportunity because you forgot to save.

What can I do with previously Saved Points that are about to expire?

If you didn’t use all of your Saved Points from last year, you still have a few options to redeem them before they expire:

  • Deposit them into your RCI account for a future vacation.
  • Redeem your Points for ClubPartner Perk certificates with Country Walkers, Forever Resorts, O.A.R.S. and more. These certificates will remain valid for two years, so you’ll have time to use them even if you can’t plan your trip now.
  • Purchase Go Cards, digital passes that grant admission for one discounted price to top museums, tours and attractions in the city you’re planning to visit.

*The photo featured at the top of this article is by Alex Potemkin / Getty Images.