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Chart Your Course to Vacation With Club Navigator

Got questions? Club Navigator has the answers. This new educational portal at the Club website is packed with fun interactive tools and modules designed to help you make the most of your membership.

The topics and design of Club Navigator were directly influenced by Member feedback collected during both Member Education Workshops and Member Surveys. “We wanted to break up the program into digestible segments that were topic specific [in order] to help Members optimize their memberships on their own time and at their own pace,” says Marie-Emilie Dagot, Senior Manager of Program Optimization. “Whether you prefer YouTube videos, [printable] PDFs, interactive trainings or face-to-face opportunities — like the Member Education events — Hilton Grand Vacations is committed to enhancing the Member experience.” 

How to Find Club Navigator

Access Club Navigator via the Club website: From the Help drop-down menu in the top banner, select Club Navigator.

Get to Know Club Navigator

Once you’re on the Club Navigator page, familiarize yourself by watching this quick introduction video, which offers an overview of the types of content and information now available at your fingertips.

Next, navigate to the subject areas that interest you most within the page’s five main categories:

  1. The Member Site
  2. Booking
  3. Fees
  4. Points
  5. Elite

Within each section, you’ll discover a variety of resources in three formats:

  • Mini courses (each lasting five to seven minutes)
  • Printable reference guides (for those who prefer to keep a paper copy handy)
  • Interactive quick-reference lessons (bite size bits of information that you only need a couple of minutes to digest)

Use these three icons to spot the different content types available to you within each of Club Navigator’s sections.

Spotlight Example: Club Navigator’s Mini Course on Points

To illustrate, if you scroll beneath the Points section and navigate down to the mini-course icon titled “Using Points,” you’ll find instructions for best ways to use your Points. In this course, discover which types of reservations (like Home Week vs. ClubPartner Perk bookings) are possible with different Points types (like Current vs. Borrowed). You’ll also learn about using Points for reservations through RCI. Plus, here you can review any potential Points losses associated with canceling reservations less than 30 days before your scheduled arrival. (Hint: the sooner you cancel, the fewer Points you’ll forfeit.)

A screenshot from Club Navigator’s Using Points course showcases how you can learn about your various Points types by interacting with the images above (left). Upon clicking one of the images associated with a specific type of Points, a simple, easy to read chart (right) appears and breaks down the types of reservations you can or cannot make with each set of Points.

This is just one example of many learning opportunities available to help you make the most of your vacations through HGV.

Why Wait?

Club Navigator is a platform built for your exploring. Let it help you plan and take your next incredible vacation with HGV.

And, for those who prefer the phone, don’t worry. Club Counselors are still available for you and any questions you might have anytime from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Club Navigator is an added resource built to make your vacation planning experiences as easy as possible!

*Photo at top of page by XiXinXing / Getty Images