November 2018

Club Traveler

Ship-Speak—Words to Make You Sound Like a Cruise Pro

Ready for an adventure on the water? Learn some of the vernacular before you go. Take a look at these common terms and their definitions, and learn how they might be used in a sentence in one of the exciting Member cruise events in 2019.

Embark (verb)
  • Definition: To board a ship. (Disembark is the process of leaving a ship at the end of a journey.)
  • Used in a sentence: Club Members will embark the Azamara Journey on June 22 before setting out to sea on the Incredible Baltic Sea Golf Expedition.
Gangway (noun)
  • Definition: A staircase or ramp that extends to the pier and provides passengers a way to get on and off the ship.
  • Used in a sentence: To visit impressive sights on land, like the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, Club Members will exit the Azamara Journey via its gangway.

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Stern (noun)
  • Definition: The back, or back section, of a ship. (The front of a ship is called the bow.)
  • Used in a sentence: Walk to the stern of Holland America’s MS Noordam and wave bon voyage as you set sail from Seward and begin your cruise journey through Alaska.
Stateroom (noun)
  • Definition: A room or sleeping cabin inside a ship.
  • Used in a sentence: Board the MS Noordam and find your stateroom, where you’ll rest your head between stops like Haines, Juneau and Ketchikan on board HGV’s second 2019 Member Cruise: A Breathtaking Alaskan Adventure.

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Knot (noun)
Starboard (noun)
  • Definition: A ship’s right side when facing forward. (Port is the left side.)
  • Used in a sentence: Whether standing starboard or port, soak in 360-degree views of the Galapagos Islands thanks to the Celebrity Flora’s outward-facing design (picture above).

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*Photo at top of page is courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.