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6 Ways to Enjoy Marco Island

Florida beach vacation: relaxing. Marco Island beach vacation: deeply, deeply relaxing. “No matter how hot it is, even in the height of summer, if you’re on the beach with your lounger and umbrella, you’re going to catch a breeze,” says Scott S., assistant resort manager at The Charter Club of Marco Beach.

“We have people who come to stay here and rent a car, and they wind up not using it all week because they stay on the beach. That’s what makes a place like Marco so attractive: You can just relax.”

We asked Scott, who has been a Team Member at The Charter Club for 36 years, for his insider tips on how to make the most of your summertime vacation in Marco Island. His advice: Just go.

  • Go bicycling. “We have a really good bicycling infrastructure here—over 60 miles of bike lanes and shared paths. I myself ride my bike to work every day. You can rent bicycles at several locations on the island, and at The Charter Club of Marco Beach there are bikes you can sign out. Bike out to Otter Mound Preserve, which has mounds from the Calusa Indians who lived here originally.”
  • Go birding. “People come from all over the world to see the birds we have in this area. There’s a birding tower 8 miles from The Charter Club of Marco Beach, at the Ten Thousand Islands Wildlife Refuge, where you can go in the morning or early evening and see bald eagles, osprey, ibis, roseate spoonbills, cormorants and more.”


Shells collected on Marco Beach

  • Go shell collecting. “We have world-class shelling on Marco Island.”
  • Go tree-gazing. “Mango trees bear their fruit only in the summer here. And our Royal Poinciana trees have flamboyant blooms that last longer than those of most trees—and they bloom only in summer.”
  • Go … away! “We’re 45 minutes from the western entrance to Everglades National Park.”
  • Go fishing. “There’s a tiny fishing village attached to Marco Island called Goodland. If you go to The Little Bar there, you might wind up talking with a fisherman about his latest catch. The Little Bar also has some really good entertainers most every night of the week.”
  • Go early … “The trick to enjoying Marco Island during the summer is to plan your outdoor activities in the morning or in the late afternoon, when it’s a little cooler. During the day, the thing to do is to get out on a boat—most boats here, except for sailboats, will have a bimini top, which will shade you from the sun..”
  • … Or go late: “The best thing about summer has to be the spectacular sunsets. By far the best sunsets are in the summertime.”

*Photos by Scott S.