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Book at an HGV Resort on National Plan for Vacation Day

Make 2019 your best vacation year yet by planning ahead. Mark your calendar for National Plan for Vacation Day on Jan. 29—what better time to schedule your upcoming adventures with HGV and its partners?

Now that you’ve set a reminder on your phone, tablet or desktop calendars and circled the day in your planner, use it to book your dream vacation at an HGV resort. Need inspiration? Check out the Dream Vacation section of Club Traveler magazine, which was delivered to Club Members in November 2018 and can also be accessed online via the Club Website.

In the fall edition, Club Member Mary G. shared that Tuscany is her dream vacation. What’s yours? Perhaps it’s Italy, or maybe its the beach in Barbados, or Hawaii? Share it with us by emailing, and then use Jan. 29 as your day to book that dream vacation at an HGV resort.

There are Benefits to Booking Early Vacation

It seems simple: People who plan their vacations are more likely to use their time off from work. According to The State of American Vacation 2018, planners are more likely than nonplanners to use all of their earned vacation days. And nonplanners are missing out on more than just fun, sun and passport stamps: 81 percent of vacation planners reported being happy in their personal relationships, compared with 68 percent of nonplanners.

Plan and Cruise Through Your 2019 Vacation

Have ClubPoints left after booking your dream vacation? Use them to take a cruise.

Enjoy the open ocean on a 2019 ClubPartner Perk Grand Adventure, like the Breathtaking Alaskan Adventure or The Incredible Baltic Sea with Golf Expedition option. Elite Members can also Experience the Wonder of the Galapagos aboard the brand-new Celebrity Flora.

Additionally, CruisesOnly offers a variety of themed cruises, including trans-Atlantic voyages, weekend getaways and luxury cruises. To view all available cruise themes, visit the HGV CruisesOnly website.

*Photo of Hilton Grand Vacations at The Crane in Barbados. Photo by HGV.