Club Traveler

Share Your Love of Travel Using RCI

You’ve used your Club membership to create memories for yourself and your family. Now’s the time to use it to give someone else a cache of memories with an RCI Guest Certificate.1 If there’s someone in your life who has admired the photos of your English countryside getaway, your time in northern India or that sun-soaked week you spent in the Outer Banks, you can use your Points to gift them a vacation.

As the Club Member, you’ll need to book the stay on their behalf, then share the RCI Guest Certificate confirmation with the recipient. Each certificate costs $84. Depending on how you’d like to present your gift, you can either book a vacation for them from scratch or add your gift recipient to an existing reservation.

To begin:

  1. Sign in to to link to your RCI account.
  2. Search for the vacation your guest would like to book.
  3. Follow the booking prompts to start the reservation process.
  4. Select “Add Guest Certificate” when prompted and provide your guest’s details.

To add an RCI Guest Certificate to an existing reservation:

  1. Sign in to to link to your RCI account.
  2. Scroll down to “Upcoming Vacations” and click on “View all Reservations.”
  3. Click on “Upcoming Vacations.”
  4. Find the vacation to which you’d like to add the Guest Certificate.
  5. Select “Add Guest Certificate” and follow the prompts.

Giving the gift of vacation is more than just a present, it's a whole slew of opportunities and experiences that can lead to lasting memories.

1 Guest Certificate recipient must be at least 21 years of age. Certain fees and time restrictions may apply.

*Photo by Chattrawutt/Getty Images.