January 2019

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7 Ways to Enjoy Park City in Spring

Spring: that lovely time of year between winter and summer. In Park City, Utah, it’s a time to relax away from the hustle and bustle of big events like Sundance and peak ski season.

“It’s a fun time of year as we transition away from the cold and the snow and everybody gets ready for summer,” says Rafe S., managing senior director of the Rocky Mountain Region, which includes Sunrise Lodge, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club. “I know all of us locals and our visitors enjoy activities such as mountain biking, hiking, running, trail running—things that start to become available to us for the first time in several months.”

We asked Rafe, who has been an HGV Team Member for 16 years, to share his insider’s knowledge of how to experience the area in spring. Here’s what he had to say:

Enjoy not waiting: “During spring, there aren’t a ton of large organized activities … but that’s what makes it unique—there’s not a lot of hustle and bustle or traffic. You can walk into most restaurants and be seated without a reservation.”

Take advantage of specials: “A lot of the restaurants have great specials. They’ll do two-for-one or buy-one-get-one-free kind of things. Our concierge team is always well-attuned on these specials and where to go find them.”

Eat off the beaten path: “Windy Ridge Cafe is a great local spot that’s open in the spring and has a nice outdoor patio, and it’s a little bit off the beaten path of, say, Main Street.

“I also really like Silver Star Cafe. My family and I will often go there for a birthday breakfast or brunch. The waffles are amazing, but if it’s not a really special occasion, they also have a great avocado toast.”

Go for a hike: “Round Valley has great trails that dry out quickly and are beautiful to hike in the spring. … Even though it might be 70 degrees when you’re hiking, you’re still seeing snow on the mountain.

“The other part that makes spring really nice: There is a ton of water around, so a lot of the waterfalls and creeks and rivers that dry up or get a lot smaller later in the summer are really raging. It’s always fun to see the transition of snow into water as it rolls down the valley.”

Check out the craft beer scene: “Park City Brewery has a nice little taproom where you can go and sit outside or have a cold beer right out in the brewery.”

Explore Southern Utah: “Spring down in the desert is absolutely gorgeous; it’s a beautiful time to visit. A lot of guests do like to go to the parks around Moab, explore and come back—using Park City as a central point to explore the rest of Utah. Zion is the easiest to get to since it’s a straight shot.”

Watch wildflowers climb: “Depending on what month you’re visiting during spring, different kinds of flowers bloom as you go up in altitude. Also, during the beginning of spring, you can be down low in places like Salt Lake Valley and enjoy beautiful spring weather, but you might see snow the higher you go in altitude.”

Top photo by driftlessstudio/Getty Images