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Club Website Tools to Help Plan Your Next Vacation

Know you want to head to the beach, but not sure which one? Or, perhaps you have a certain number of ClubPoints you want to use prior to your annual Myrtle Beach trip, but you don’t know how?

Enter Vacation Experiences and Vacation Inspiration, two tools aimed at “giving Club Members insights to different ways of finding their dream vacations,” says Mimi D., senior manager of Program Optimization, Club and Elite Recognition.

Vacation Experiences

Map out your next vacation based on the type of experience you’re craving—from beach breaks to city escapes and outdoor adventures. HGV offers plenty of destinations for each bucket.

Taking the nine types of travel experiences outlined in the Vacation Discovery Guide a step further, Vacation Experiences serves up not only where you can achieve your desired experience, but when those vacation opportunities are available at specific properties.

Screenshot of the Vacation Experiences page

Vacation Inspirations

Experiences can vary depending on the number of Points you wish to use. For the more number-oriented planner, the Vacation Inspirations tool can help you explore the power of your Points. “We understand there are different journeys for each Points bucket and they are different from one other,” says Mimi. Through Vacation Inspirations, she says, Club is looking to provide Members with more examples of where your Points—from fewer than 3,499 Points (see screenshot below) to more than 34,000 Points—can take you.

Screenshot of the Vacation Inspirations page

“When you don’t know where to go or how to start your planning process, these two tools will help walk you through the steps,’” says Jason B., senior director of Digital Strategy & Alliances at Hilton Grand Vacations.

Stop Waiting and Start Searching

Search for inspiration, or your desired experience, today and discover there’s even more to your membership than you previously thought. Plus, stay tuned: Club will continue evolving and growing Vacation Experiences and Vacation Inspirations to best support Club Members’ planning needs.

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