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Make the Most of Your HGV Membership With New Education Sessions

Hilton Grand Vacations is continuing its Club Member education initiatives with even more workshops and webinars in 2019. Each Member education workshop and webinar provides valuable information on navigating the countless vacation opportunities and benefits available to Members, along with tips and tricks to make the most of your membership.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend a session, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up five key takeaways from recent Member education events, as well as upcoming workshops and webinars Members can tune into for more information.

Key Takeaways From Member Education Sessions

#1) Where can I find my Home Week?

To find out when and where your Home Week is, log into your account at Once you log in, you’ll be taken to your Member dashboard where you’ll find details about your Home Week, including information about your Home Resort and the types of accommodations you’ll have.

Remember: Your Home Resort, unit type, size, season (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) and number of nights you own will remain consistent year after year. If you own a Fixed Home Week, you’ll also own the same week every year. If you own a Floating Home Week, you can choose from a range of weeks or the season in which you purchased it.

#2) What’s the benefit of booking my Home Week?

There are two benefits to booking your Home Week. First, your Home Week reservation is always complimentary. This means your membership will always cover a vacation at your Home Resort every year with no additional fees. Second, you have a longer booking window. When you make a reservation during your Home Week, you can book 365 days prior to your desired check-in date.

#3) What is the most cost-effective way to use my ClubPoints?

Besides making a reservation during your Home Week, an effective way to use your ClubPoints is by booking at another HGV resort. (There is a reservation fee required.) Doing so allows you the flexibility to split the use of your interval into two resort visits. For example, you could book a three-night stay at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Anderson Ocean Club in January and a four-night stay at Sunrise Lodge, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in May. You can also make the most of your Points by booking smaller units than the one you own or by booking during a lower season than your Home Week to gain more room nights.

#4) Bonus Points: How do I get them, where do I find out when they expire and how do I use them?

Members primarily receive Bonus Points in two ways: with the original purchase of a Club membership and when they refer new Members. Bonus Points expire two years after they are issued. To find out when your Bonus Points expire, log into your Member dashboard.

In addition, Bonus Points can be redeemed for reservations at Club resorts during Home Resort and Club Reservation windows, ClubPartner Perks, hotel reservations at participating properties in the Hilton portfolio of brands, RCI Exchange vacations, specialty merchandise and gift certificates. They can also be converted to Hilton Honors points. To do so, visit your Member dashboard, click “View and Manage Your Points” and select “Convert Points.”

Fun Fact: You can also use Bonus Points toward your annual maintenance Fees. To start, visit your Member dashboard. If you owe any maintenance fees or taxes, a section titled “Maintenance Fees & Taxes” will appear on your dashboard. Once you’re there, click “Make a Payment.” Under the “Select Payment Method” section, type the number of Bonus Points you would like to use in the “Bonus Points” window.

#5) What is the difference between the seasons?

There are four seasons: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Platinum is the peak season of a resort, Gold is the next most popular time of the year, and Silver and Bronze are the offseason. What is considered peak and offseason varies by resort. For example, Platinum season at Sunrise Lodge, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Park City, Utah, is in the winter, when the ski conditions are perfect. At The District by Hilton Club in Washington, D.C., Platinum season is in spring and summer, when the weather is warmest and many annual events are occurring.

Want to Learn More?

HGV has several Member education workshops on the horizon:

  1. June 1 in Houston, Texas
  2. Sept. 28 in Wading River, New York
  3. Nov. 16 in Carlsbad, California

Members residing in the above cities during the workshop dates will receive a special invitation from HGV approximately 60 days from the date of the workshop. Tip: If you receive an invite and wish to attend the workshop, RSVP as soon as possible. Due to venue capacity restrictions, space is limited and fills up quickly.

On these three dates, the in-person workshops will include the HGV Club Membership Essentials curriculum, which gives Members new and old a close look at the fundamental aspects of their membership. This interactive half-day session teaches Members vacation planning tips and tricks as Club experts host live panels and offer one-on-one support in the specialized Knowledge Center. Plus, the workshops give Members an opportunity to meet each other.

Members can also take advantage of HGV’s Club Member Education Webinars. The first webinars, which were held in April, also dove into the Essentials curriculum. Visit the Club website to access recordings of previously held webinars.

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