December 2019

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Getting to Know Your Member Dashboard

Where can you go when you want to explore every aspect of your Club membership? The Member Dashboard, of course! A home base for every Club Member, the dashboard includes links and resources on everything — from details about your next vacation to a comprehensive breakdown of your Points balance.

The Member Dashboard recently received a makeover to enhance its navigation and your user experience. But with these changes, there might be questions and we’re here to answer them.

FAQs About the Member Dashboard

Q: Where can I look at my profile information?

A: Your profile information is displayed in a new section on the top left of the dashboard (1). There, you can add a profile picture, change your display name and conveniently sign out.

Q: I’m looking for some great promotions. Where can I see what’s available?

A: Check out the new scrolling section on the top right (2) that advertises promotions and other Club Member Exclusives.

Q: Where can I find a breakdown of my Points?

A: The Points Summary on the left side (3) lets you view your Points balance year-over-year in a color-coded circle graph. When you choose the year in the drop-down menu, the circle graph will update to the corresponding colors to highlight your Points balance. Below the Points summary, you can also look at any outstanding loans or maintenance fees you may have.

Q: How can I learn more about my benefits as a Club Member?

A: The Club Member Benefits section in the middle of the dashboard (4) offers links and information on Elite benefits, Hilton Honors and RCI vacations. From here, head to Club Navigator to access more resources.

Q: I’m excited about my next HGV getaway, but I can’t remember all the details. Where can I view my reservation?

A: The Vacation section on the bottom right (5) tells you about your destination, check-in and checkout dates, and accommodations. This section is also the place to view, change or cancel your reservation. Additionally, the phone number for your resort is listed, should you need more information.

Additional Resources

Finally, features were also added to this section to help you plan your vacation, such as Pre-Arrival Info, Things to Do and Club Guide. Selecting these links on your Member Dashboard will direct you to the corresponding section of each resort page on the Club website.

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