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Cancellation Protection

At the time a reservation is confirmed using ClubPoints, cancellation protection is offered for Home Week, Home Resort Priority, Hilton Club Priority, or Club reservations for a fee. Cancellation protection, if offered, allows a Member to cancel a reservation using ClubPoints within thirty-one (31) days of scheduled arrival with no loss of ClubPoints. Any transaction fees remain subject to applicable cancellation policies. Cancellation protection is offered for RCI Exchange reservations. Up to thirty-one (31) days prior to scheduled arrival, Members who own a fixed or event week may add cancellation protection to their automatic reservation for a fee by calling the Club. Cancellation protection is not available for any ClubPartner Perks reservation or transaction

Cancellation for any accommodations or benefits other than Affiliated Resorts, including RCI Exchange confirmations, ClubPartner Perks reservations, and reservations at Hilton portfolio of brand hotels are subject to the separate cancellation policies of such providers.