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Point Stretching


Members may “borrow” any number of their next year’s ClubPoint allotment to make Home Resort Priority, Club, by Hilton Club priority, ClubPartner Perks, RCI Exchange reservations or Hilton Honors Hotel reservations for travel in the current year. Borrowed Points may not be used to make a Home Week reservation. If ClubPoints are borrowed, Home Week reservation rights are relinquished from the year in which they were borrowed

Hilton Honors Conversion for Following Year Use

Prior to 11:59 p.m. ET on December 31 of the current year, Members may convert any or all of the next year’s allotment of ClubPoints into Hilton Honors Points at the current ratio of one ClubPoint to 25 Hilton Honors Points for a fee. For example, 5,000 ClubPoints = 125,000 Hilton Honors Points. The converted Points will be deposited into the Member’s Hilton Honors account the first week of January of the following year.

Members converting the entire annual allotment of ClubPoints attributable to their Home Week at the below listed resorts receive an increased conversion rate of one to 50. Conversions for less than the entire allotment may be made at the standard rate of one to 25.

  • West 57th Street by Hilton Club
  • The Residences by Hilton Club
  • The Central at 5th by Hilton Club
  • Bay Forrest Odawara by Hilton Club
  • Liberty Place Charleston by Hilton Club
  • The District by Hilton Club
  • The Quin Central Park by Hilton Club
  • Owners of penthouse units at Grand Waikikian by Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Bay Forest Odawara by Hilton Club and The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Increased conversion rates may be offered to Owners at select resorts or in connection with special promotions from time to time.

Once ClubPoints are converted to Hilton Honors Points, the transaction is final and Points may not be converted back to ClubPoints. The converted Points are then subject to the Hilton Honors Program Terms and Conditions and all transactions using Hilton Honors Points must be made by contacting the Hilton Honors Reservations and Customer Care

Save Points

Prior to 11:59 p.m. ET on December 31 of the current year, Members may save any of the remaining ClubPoints from expiring by depositing these ClubPoints into the following year’s account. In addition, between January 1 and January 31 of the current year Members may save previous years expired allotted ClubPoints for use in the current year. During the first quarter of each year, Members may elect to enroll in Auto Save to automatically have current year ClubPoints saved and deposited into the next year’s ClubPoints allotment. Saved Points may only be used for reservations at Club Resorts during the Home Resort and Club reservation windows, By Hilton Club Priority Reservations, for RCI Exchange reservations, RCI deposits and for ClubPartner Perk reservations. A non-refundable fee applies to all saved Points. Additional Point saving options may be offered for previously saved ClubPoints.

RCI Deposit

Prior to 11:59 p.m. ET on December 31 of the current year, Members may deposit current-year ClubPoints or previously saved ClubPoints into the RCI Exchange program for future weekly and nightly RCI Exchange reservations. This is called an RCI Deposit. RCI Deposits are valid from the date of deposit through an additional two calendar years and travel must occur prior to Points expiration. Once ClubPoints are deposited into the Exchange program, the transaction is final and ClubPoints may not be returned to a Member’s Club account. An RCI Deposit fee applies. In the event a Member is unable to use the RCI Deposit before the end of the second year, for an additional fee, Members have the opportunity to extend the RCI Deposit into a third year. An RCI Exchange fee will be charged at the time of confirmation or the initiation of an RCI search request.

To use any Point stretching options, Members must contact Club via telephone or visit the Manage My Points page.