Be informed in the event you are contacted by a third party company regarding your timeshare.

Unscrupulous third parties are increasingly trying to defraud consumers and specifically timeshare owners. These third party callers often claim they can rent your timeshare or related benefits, sell your timeshare, or claim you have weeks, certificates, points or some other similar timeshare related product that you have not utilized.

Be cautious - these third party callers are often scam artists using general information and the name of well-known brands like Hilton Grand Vacations or RCI in an attempt to provide credibility and make their claims or offerings seem legitimate. They also capture information found in public records, social sites, timeshare owner user groups or otherwise found online to falsely gain your trust.

Please know that Hilton Grand Vacations does not share your information with these third parties, nor does Hilton Grand Vacations approve or any way endorse these offers. In fact, third party callers asking you to rent your timeshare may put you in violation of the Club Rules, your HOA rules and even local ordinances. Even more problematic is these scammers typically ask for an upfront fee for a benefit or service, that you will likely never receive.

What should you do if you are contacted? 

  • Don’t Provide Personal Information. Because many of these callers are scammers, avoid providing them any personal information or credit card information.
  • Confirm the Offer with HGV. If the caller claims to be working with HGV or otherwise related to HGV, call us at 1-800-932-4482 and confirm before accepting any offer or paying any money to the caller.
  • File a Complaint. If the call appears to be a scam (even if you haven’t paid any money), you should report the caller to the Attorney General’s Office where you reside as well the state in which the operator is located. Many of these operators are in Florida and Nevada.
  • Stop Payment. If you’ve paid the scammer via credit card, contact your credit card company and request a stop payment. They may want to see a copy of your filed complaint.
  • Gather Information. Gather as much specific information about the caller as you can so that you can file your complaint, including the following:
    • Full name of the company
    • Full name of individuals you spoke to
    • Phone number calling you (these are often false numbers)
    • Phone number they gave you to call back for more information
    • Date and time of the call(s)
    • The address of their business
    • Their website
    • The details of the offer (such as price, location, service, etc.)
  • Report the Incident to HGV. If you have been contacted by a third party falsely claiming a relationship with Hilton or HGV or falsely claiming to have received information about you from Hilton or HGV, we want to know.
    • You can report the incident by completing the Incident Intake Questionnaire and submitting it to You can also call 1-800-932-4482 if you have additional questions.
    • Although most of these third party callers use false information (including false caller ID) making it very difficult to track them down, when we receive a report of company’s falsely claiming relationship with HGV, we take action whenever we can. However, we need information from you to take that action. So, the more information you can provide, the better chance we have in obtaining a successful outcome. Keep in mind that if you have been victimized by one of these scammers, your best course of action is to file a complaint with the authorities directly.