Save Your Points

Your remaining balance of ClubPoints will expire at the end of the year. Save them on or before 11:59 p.m. ET on Dec. 31 to use them toward future travels and incentives in 2020. Select “Save Points” below to get started today.

Whether you’re setting aside Points for the trip of your dreams, unable to travel this year, or just need more time to plan, now’s the time to prevent your Points from expiring by saving them. Don’t forget − you can always borrow back your saved Points if your plans change!

Please see the Hilton Grand Vacations Club Rules reference guide for more information.

Maintenance Fees and Club Dues

Hilton Grand Vacation’s annual assessment process starts in late September with a board of directors meeting to establish the annual budget. For Club Members, this means you can expert to see Club dues posted to your account in early October. Maintenance fees will also start to post in October for all HGV Owners, as the board finalizes each property’s annual budget.

Maintenance fees are approved by your board of directors and include the operating fees and, in some states, real estate taxes. For Hawaii properties, the maintenance fee includes the state General Excise Tax. Your statement also includes a voluntary ARDA or EUROC contribution, Club dues and Club fees, which are not a part of your maintenance fees.

For help understanding your assessment statement or locating important association documents, visit our Navigating Your HOA Documents Online.

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