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How to Use 3,500 to 6,999 Points

Are you a Club Member with 3,500 to under 7,000 Points? Whether you wish to use all your Points toward one vacation or spread them across several shorter getaways, you have many options to choose from in this ClubPoints bracket. Let’s explore the power of your Points with these best practices and real-world examples of where your Points can take you!

When to Book

We always recommend booking far in advance. So set a reminder on your calendar to book your next vacation as far out as the reservation windows allow. Besides, it always feels great to have a vacation to look forward to!

When to Stay

Did you know that staying during the weekdays requires half the amount of Points as staying over a weekend? If you are flexible with your travel dates, use your Points for a weekday holiday. Booking during the Gold or Silver seasons helps optimize your Points as well.

Whether you choose four- five- or seven-night stays, you can unwind at any of our HGV resorts.

Here’s a strategy we love! If you are planning to travel to Hawaii, why not visit during the shoulder seasons of May or October? You’ll use fewer Points, and still enjoy fantastic island weather. 

Room Type

For Members with 3,500 to 6,999 Points, you can stay in a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom unit during Gold season. Both options will still leave you with leftover Points.

At this Point tier, you may want to consider booking a standard accommodation versus a plus or premier unit. This allows you to save those extra Points and enjoy more vacations in the future.

Save Points

Not able to travel this year? Enjoy more vacations next year by saving this year’s Points into next year.


Traveling with extended family? You have the opportunity to combine Points either by saving them into the following year or borrowing back to use toward larger units.

Search by Point Value

Have you tried searching by Points value on our website? Search here to see recommended resorts and the Points required to travel.

Search by Vacation Experiences

You can also search our website by vacation experience. If you are seeking a city escape, you can see your available vacation ideas. Outdoor adventures, far east journeys and more are all organized on our website for easy booking! 

Vacation Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite vacations Members have recently booked using their Points.

  1. One of our Members recently booked a week in a 2-bedroom suite in October at Lagoon Tower by Hilton Grand Vacations Club. This vacation only took 6,000 Points.
  2. Italy! Yes, you can stay for seven nights in a 1-bedroom unit during Platinum season at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Borgo alle Vigne for just 4,800 Points.
  3. Book a family vacation to Orlando with less than 4,000 Points. You can use your Points for a Wednesday to Sunday stay at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Tuscany Village.
  4. Visit our inspirations page to see other trip ideas using this Points tier.

Deposit Your Points to RCI

RCI offers resorts worldwide. Did you know you can use your Points to travel to RCI Affiliated Resorts?

How to Use Leftover Points?

Optimize your leftover Points by purchasing a Go City Card and receive discounts on major tourist attractions in major urban cities. A ride on the Orlando Eye, tours of the Grand Canyon, museum tickets and so much more! These cards are a perfect way to avoid lines and higher prices.

If you are a Member in this tier, we hope you bookmark this story of how to maximize your Points so you can always travel the way YOU want to!