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Unlocking the Power of Your Points

Are you a Club Member with up to 3,499 ClubPoints? If so, bookmark this story filled with ideas to have right at your fingertips when you are ready to plan your next vacation!

Members in the 3,499 and below Points tier have plenty of options to book a fantastic vacation. In fact, there are only a handful of vacations you couldn’t use your Points for! Explore the power of your ClubPoints by checking out these real-world examples of where your Points can take you. Whether you wish to use all your Points toward one vacation or spread them across several shorter getaways, you have many options from which to choose.

Up to 3,499 Points

When to Book?

In this Point tier, we recommend booking your vacation a few different ways. First, booking during our Gold and Silver seasons can save you plenty of Points! So if your travel dates are more flexible, your Points can go much further.

Our other best practice is a creative one! To add a day or two to your reservation try our last-minute booking window during the last 30 days of the Open Season. You can grab an extra one or two nights to add to your previously booked vacation. So set a reminder on your calendar or phone! These are discounted rates offered only to our Members.

When to Stay?

Did you know staying mid-week takes half the amount of Points compared to a weekend stay? If you can travel outside of traditional weekend dates, stay during the weekdays at any of our resorts!

How Long to Stay?

Use your Points for shorter getaways of three to four nights, and you can have enough Points for two vacations per year.

What Room Size to Book?

Booking a smaller unit will help your Points stretch further. Enjoy a comfortable studio in New York City or a spacious one-bedroom condo in San Diego.

Key Strategies to Try!

Check out some of our favorite strategies to book the best vacation yet!

Put your Points together! You can borrow back or save your Points from this year to the next. Simply call our Club Counselors to coordinate for you.

Explore our website! Newly added is the ability to explore by Point value. You can search for our destinations and click “Search by Point Value." Next, you will see four to five different properties in the Point tier you can book.

Book by Experience: Our website allows Members to search by type of experience. If you are searching for a Beach Vacation, click on "Beach" to see the options of properties and their Point value. Or, if you prefer a Grown-Up Getaway, click to discover the adult-focused properties and Points required.

HGV sends special discounts where Members can receive complimentary upgrades and gift cards to spend at the resort. Check your email for these fantastic deals!

Real-Life Vacations Club Members Take in This Tier

Here are just a few vacations our Members have recently booked using less than 3,499 ClubPoints.

Cancun, Mexico: You can book a one-bedroom during Gold Season for a week in Cancun.

Carlsbad (San Diego): For a great family getaway outside of Orlando try Carlsbad, where you can stay for four nights in a one-bedroom suite during our Platinum season (September) for 3,400 Points. Carlsbad has Legoland Theme Park, is close to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, and is a short drive to Disneyland in Orange County.

New York City: One of our Members recently booked a studio over New Year’s Eve for three nights, and still had Points left over!

Many Possibilities to Choose From

These are a handful of ideas on how to book your next vacation using up to 3,499 Points. For additional destination and property ideas, click here. This Point tier is a starter package. And just like a starter home, it's a great way to get your feet wet and get to know the benefits of Hilton Grand Vacations ownership.

Remember, if you are ever having trouble booking, call us and we can help! Our Club Counselors are here to help you book the best vacation for you, no matter how many Points you own.