February 2019

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Your Club Currencies Explained

Kick off the new year with a refresher on the types of Points Club Members can put into vacation play during 2019.


Hilton Grand Vacations is a points-based reservation system. ClubPoints serve as the basic currency of the reservation rights of the vacation ownership interest(s) you own. As a Club Member, you receive an annual allotment of ClubPoints related to your ownership at your Home Resort, which is your designated vacation ownership interest. Owners of biennial Home Weeks receive ClubPoints every other year.

ClubPoints also enable you access to Club membership privileges. To monitor your ClubPoints balance, log into the Club website and review your Member dashboard.

Bonus Points

Another currency of the HGV program are Bonus Points. In fact, even the longevity of these Points is a bit of a bonus, as they are valid for two years. How do you get Bonus Points? Owners may be awarded Bonus Points with the purchase of a vacation ownership interest or through Club affiliated programs or relationships. Bonus Points are also awarded when current Members refer new Members or when using cash to book a cruise through HGV Club Partner CruisesOnly.

You can use Bonus Points to:

  • Book during the Home Resort and Club Reservation windows at HGV and affiliated resorts.
  • Redeem for ClubPartner Perks, such as cruises.
  • Make RCI Exchange reservations.
  • Apply toward existing Maintenance Fees.
  • Convert into Hilton Honors points.
  • Redeem for distinctive gift certificates

Note that it can take up to six months to access your Bonus Points.

Saved Points

If you have ClubPoints you can’t use by the end of the year, stretch the the expiration date of this currency by saving them into next year’s account. These Points may then be used to make any type of reservation during the Home Resort and Club Reservation Windows, as well as for RCI Exchange (and Exchange Select) Reservations and ClubPartner Perks Reservations.

To determine the fee associated with extending your ClubPoints or converting your ClubPoints to Hilton Honors (see below), refer to the current year’s Club Reference guide. Tip: If you extend your Points online rather than over the phone, you will receive a discount.

RCI-Deposited Points

This is a currency of Points that allows Members additional flexibility through the RCI Exchange Program. Members can deposit current ClubPoints or Saved Points with RCI and use them to book a vacation anytime from the deposit date for an additional two years in more than 100 countries. Members can also extend the life of previously deposited ClubPoints with RCI into the following year. Learn more about how to use and deposit your Points for use with RCI in eClub Traveler.

Hilton Honors Points

Did you know that as an HGV Club Member, you are automatically enrolled in the Hilton Honors program? Members can expand their travel horizons even further when converting ClubPoints and Bonus Points into Hilton Honors Points at the current conversion ratio and use them for a reservation during the current year at any participating Hilton Portfolio hotel.

You can convert current year ClubPoints or Bonus Points to Hilton Honors, if you are booking a hotel stay at the same time, or convert both types of Points for use the next year without a reservation. Tip: Once you convert your Points to Honors points, you can’t convert them back.

Want More?

Check out Club Navigator’s Points module for additional tips to make the most of your Points. Here you’ll find a mini course about how to use your Points, a quick reference guide on how to extend the life of your Points, and videos about saving your Points and cancellation protection.

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