How are my maintenance fees spent?

Ever wonder where your Hilton Grand Vacations maintenance fee goes? Learn about the three major expense categories your annual maintenance fee covers.

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Why do I pay maintenance fees?

What is the Hilton Grand Vacations maintenance fee for? How is the fee set? The answers are simple.

The maintenance fees are a way of ensuring all aspects of your home resort meet the high level of standards one expects from the Hilton Grand Vacations brand. The fee pays for both day-to-day upkeep and long-term improvements to the property, as well as the attentive, passionate staff who takes care of the property and our Club Members.

The maintenance fee for a location is based on the actual cost to operate that specific property.

To review your maintenance fees online, visit the Ownership page to learn more.

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How is my Reserve Budget calculated?

Want to dig deeper to understand the capital reserve portion of your Hilton Grand Vacations maintenance fee? Check out how we calculate and spend the reserve portion of your maintenance fee.

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